Food / Pharmaceutical industry

The Clever Bio Clean cleaning fluids are suitable for service technicians who maintain machines and production equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Especially our well-known Clever Bio Clean cleaning tank with CBC 200 cleaning fluid for cleaning spare parts, bearings, tools etc.

CBC products for the food and pharmaceutical industry help with cleaning and purification of extremely difficult contaminants, such as: protective wax, grease, (eg bitumen, glue, polymers, sealants (eg silicone), rust, rubber, wax and much more are removed effectively with environmentally friendly, high-quality products from Clever Bio Clean, many of which are NSF-approved for food and without A and B substances.

Suitable for the Food / Pharmaceutical industry

We especially recommend these cleaning fluids for maintenance of elements in the food and pharmaceutical industry:

CBC 100 | CBC 200 | CBC 500 | CBC 580 Ultra | CBC Alu 35P